Adeline is a french visual artist and screenprinter.


She first graduated in illustration at the école supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg. In order to complete her curriculum, she then went on to obtain a Masters Degree in Textile Design at the école des Beaux-Arts de Mulhouse, and subsequently trained as an intervening  visual artist. Resolutely outgoing, she balances her work between creation and the organization of participative workshops.


This lead her to travel throughout eastern France during four years with the Lithobus: a mobile screenprinting studio, inviting people from the various neighborhoods she visited to take part in various edition projects which she initiated or invented. More recently, it’s in a trailer that she travelled across the north of France to teach 31 classes how to create books. 


As an author, Adeline slowly moved away from classical illustration, freeing herself of the traditional boundaries of the page, and developed a more experimental and sensitive approach, focused on the book as a work of art. Following her passion for old traditionnal techniques, she went on to join various residency programmes around Africa, Israel, India and Europe. It’s during her residency period at the DruckWerkstadt in Berlin that she chose to return to screenprinting, and perfect her latest artworks.  She constantly experiments and pushes the technique to its limits. Her work is all about depth, shade and light, standing somewhere between fading-in and fading-out. One can immediately sense her desire to develop a world where images and stories are combined according to a set of rules which she determines herself, thus staging her own creation process.


The result is an artwork situated between painting, writing and photography. Lively, constantly appearing where you would least expect her with her lucid, straightforward vision and a silk-soft imagination, Adeline weaves her art with strength and sensitivity, marching her way through her artistic path.